Alannah Myles v. National Post

On December 23, 1998 the National Post published an article entitled "The Best and Worst of Alannah Myles".  Kevin Kemp was retained shortly thereafter to serve a notice of libel on the National Post as well as the reporter who wrote the article.  Unfortunately, the subsequent "Clarification" published by the National Post only served to aggravate matters and Kemp Law was retained to pursue a libel action on behalf of Ms Myles.  The action proceeded to trial on January 9, 2001.  However, shortly before jury selection began the solicitors for the defendants made settlement overtures that ultimately resulted in the successful resolution of the action. 

Although the terms of the settlement are confidential, the satirical magazine Frank subsequently published an article about Finbarr O'Reilly - the reporter who wrote the original story - in which the resolution of the lawsuit is referenced. 

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Amended Statement of Claim

Amended Statement of Defence

Reply to Statement of Defence

The Momento   In preparation for the opening address to the jury, Kevin Kemp enlarged two excerpts of text from the transcript of the examination for discovery of the defendant reporter onto 4' x 8' cork board.  The boards, signed with a congratulatory message from  Alannah Myles, are now displayed in Kemp's boardroom. 

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